27 December 1999 to 07 February 2017

16 years, 42 days

You crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday,

While I whispered “I love you” into your ear and my heart shattered.

Memories of you flood my mind, crowding out all other thoughts.

I miss you so much.

The house is so quiet now without you in it,

Yet I can feel you everywhere.

The paw prints you made in the snow are still visible

Across the front yard to the step,

When we came back from that final walk up the street;

We didn’t make it all the way to the post office, you and I,

But I didn’t think we would.

Walking was hard on you, but

At least we got to enjoy the sun and fresh air together

One more time.

You knew what was going to happen when we drove you to the vet.

We all knew that our lives together was quickly coming to an end.

You were so brave as you faced your imminent death.

Could you hear Mark’s heart beating as you leaned against his chest

While you sat on the blanketed table,

As the sedation took the strength from your legs

And you laid down?

The last few minutes ticked by;

We both said our goodbyes to you before

The vet came in and gave you the final shot.

We laid our hands on your body as you took your last breaths;

Your heart beat a few more times and you were still.

I searched for you in my dreams.

I wanted to make sure you’d found your way safely back home,

But I got lost.

I love you and miss you, Roxy, my sweet girl.

I will see you when I cross that same bridge.

I hope you’re there to greet me when I get to the other side.

If not, I will look for you when I get there.

Gail Fulkerson

08 February 2017img_9420


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