Daily Prompt: Crossing

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

The bridge spanning the chasm lies just ahead,

Marking the end of the serpentine trail.

Mists roll up, blurring the bridge’s outlines; the deafening sounds of a powerful water fall fill your ears.

The trail behind you was erased while you were distracted.

Turning back is no longer an option.

Breath is gone, heart is still,

No more light behind your eyes,

Yet visions and memories still float silently before them, before disappearing like so much smoke.

You have arrived at the place of final crossing; taking your first tentative steps, feeling the bridge solid beneath your feet.

Emboldened, you take another step, and another.

Sparks of light begin to flash; you look in all directions to find their source,

Only to discover the shimmering effervescence is radiating from you.

You can feel the sparks as they flash around you, faster and faster, reflecting the fullness of the colour spectrum – and more.

This is your spirit disengaging from its corporeal confines.

Total disconnection is imminent.

A popping sound, then silence.

An exquisite floating sensation as your human form is discarded, revealing what you are:


Pure and powerful.

The bridge is behind you, no memory of having traversed it.

The mists swirl and the bridge is gone.

A sense of finality permeates the scene.

You cannot return and take up your life

Where it left off.

It is done, and

The bridge is no more.

Deep sighing, as though from a great distance reaches your ears;

The sounds of loved ones mourning their loss.

Up ahead, someone is calling you.

Moving in the direction of that voice you know,

There is a slight shift in the air at your back,

Perhaps an Angel’s breath,

As the Veil closes gently behind you.

Your crossing is complete,

And new adventures await.


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