Daily Prompt: Flames

via Daily Prompt: Flames

The fire was no accident.

Neighbours watched in horror

And morbid fascination

As the flames consumed everything,

Exploding the windows

One by one,

Reaching hungrily for the trees

In the front yard

As the panes of glass melted and ran

Down the walls.




The flames grew, unabated,

Devouring years of

Accumulated detritus.

Layer upon stinking layer,

Left rotting in the darkness

On sagging floors.

Walls dripping with mould

Where rainwater ran through

Holes in the roof.

Putrid smoke rising,

A black cloud smudging the sky.


The shining house, once full of light

And promises of happily ever after,

Suddenly went dark.

The old woman turned off the lights,

Closed the drapes and locked the doors.

She spoke not a word after that day.

The years passed.


They say she purposely

Started the fire in her bedroom.

So much fuel; such a small match.

The fire fed like a ravenous animal,

Consuming the upper floors,

Racing down the old staircase,

Leapfrogging from stack to stack

Of old newspapers and magazines

Piled high on the stairs.

It fled to the main floor,

Sweeping from room to room,

Roaring in delight.

It ate the entire house and its contents,

Including the old woman.

She is finally at peace.


They built a fast food restaurant where

Her house used to be.


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