Daily Prompt: Hyperbole

via Daily Prompt: Hyperbole

A promise is a promise until it crosses a politician’s lips; then, it becomes a lie that gets stuck in the quicksand they’re standing on, and the weight of all the combined promises starts dragging them down.

And, while they are sinking, their mouths keep moving, spewing promise after promise, each one clinging tightly, weighing them down even more as they sink faster.

Many don’t realize or accept that they are sinking because their eyes are glued to the shiny polls that glitter with big numbers that tell them how well they are doing in the political ring. But polls are nothing more than inflated numbers injected directly into the egos of those who run for the highest public offices in the land.

Yet, even after the quicksand reaches up to and past their lying lips, filling in their mouth, choking off their air,”vote for me” can still be faintly heard as they are finally swallowed up. Their sweaty hand gripping tightly to the little flag is the last thing to disappear.

But, don’t you worry; one of their cronies will pluck that tiny flag from their dying hand before it sinks and is gone forever.

They will take it and wave it proudly, their chest all puffed up, as they strut through the throngs of voters, the adoring crowds who, moments ago, faithfully followed the newly dead candidate to the edge of the quicksand, but did not fall in. They now have a new hero: the flag waving fool in their midst, quietly practicing how to convincingly say, “Vote for me,” as he hatches new promises to utter.

And this is politics at its finest.


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