Be Careful


Can you be too careful?

Don’t run with scissors;

You could fall and put out your eye.

Watch where you’re going,

You might trip or fall

And break your neck.

Don’t tell anyone your business.

Don’t trust anyone,

Especially family.

Step on a crack,

Break your mother’s back.

Get vaccinated, ‘just in case’.

You may go somewhere that is

Crawling with deadly diseases

Waiting to claim you;

Playing with others can cause

Disease and sure death by association.

Can being careful also mean being afraid of

The ‘what-ifs’?

The future?

Better to bolt the door,

Draw the shades,

Turn off the phone;

Just in case some horrible accident

Befalls you

The moment you step foot outside

Or answer the phone.

And while you’re being careful,

Better seal all the cracks

Around the doors and windows,

Stop up the chimney,

Keep those rabid bats at bay,

And those slavering raccoons

Out of the attic,

So they do not come

Down the ladder

And the carpeted hall

On silent feet,

That look like creepy hands,

To tear out your throat in your sleep.

Or climb your leg

And brutally attack you while you are

Reading quietly in

The shadowed living room.


You could take your life in

Your own hands, and

Dare to live by not doing

Any of the above,

On the off chance the foregoing

Is all so much fear-mongering and


Handed down from well-meaning

Family and friends;

‘To keep you safe from harm’

You delicate flower you.

Live life on your own terms.


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