Daily Prompt: Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

Trees create.

Tiny shoots rise from last season’s windfall that

Took root in the darkness of the rich, damp soil,

Safe within the vast network of roots

Uniting the clan of trees in the grove.

New life breaks the surface, breathes the air,

Feels the warmth of the sun

as it sends its delicate form higher,

Reaching bravely for the light.

Gaining strength as it grows,

Adding layer after layer of bark;

Thick skin, able to withstand

Most any attack.

Two leaves become four, then eight, then more,

Infinitely more.

Taller and broader, stronger every day,

The new tree stands in the loving embrace of its family

In the grove,

Ever ready to provide shelter and shade,

Protection and nourishment for all.

When the season is done,

The tree will empty its veins,

Call its life blood back to the core,

Take it back to the roots, far below the surface.

The leaves will curl and die, fall to earth,

And mingle with the fragrant soil.

Untaken fruit and nuts wither,

Fall from the branches

And disappear beneath leaves and twigs

That snap and crackle beneath the tread of

A hiker’s boots.

Temperatures cool;

Sleep comes upon the clan in the grove.

Beneath a blanket of snow they slumber;

Giant sentinels, seemingly lifeless,

Dreaming in the silence.

Below the frost line,

Life goes on.






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