Dare To Breathe

Living with monsters that turn, unprovoked,

Where breathing is a risk sometimes too great.


Knowing you risk discovery and probable death

Should one of them turn their attentions toward you.

Yet you dare, every day, to breathe.

The sound and scent of every life giving breath you take

Wafted on tiny currents that smell of

Your daring


To live.

Silent prayers, unceasing, that the monsters won’t find you

Hoping they cannot trace

Your sound or scent,

And find you,

Laying there in the darkness;

So small.

So scared.

So alone.

Daring to breathe

The air the monsters claim

For themselves.

An act of treason.

You will surely die if they find you.


Run to your secret place.

Hide until the danger passes, and

Dare to keep breathing.

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