Late August
The outer limits of leaves and blossoms
Take on darkness
The unmistakeable evidence of imminent
A reminder to us all that the fullness of
Summer is momentary and soon spent

Stirred from their rest by errant footfalls on grass
Bloodsuckers rise
Fill the shadowed air
Hordes upon hordes of tiny-winged annoyances
Attack and feed upon our bodies
Slaves to their compelling thirst
Their high-pitched battle cries echoing
In our ears

The heat of sun-warmed days
Drawn from the earth by cooling winds
That sweep the moisture before them
Fallen from a sodden sky
Collected on blades of grass
And spider’s webs
Refreshment for all

Light fades faster in the evening skies
The dark bleeds quickly now
Moonrise chills to the bone

The killing frosts will be upon us
When dark holds sway over the light
The first mortal touch in late August
Setting into motion
The inexorable change of seasons

And so it shall ever be

Gail Fulkerson

18 August 2016
Dundurn SK


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