(Photo Credit: Gail Fulkerson 2016)

Friends hide in your pockets

Bright sparks of energy

Snuggled warmly


In the deepest recesses there

A tiny flash of light

Glinting momentarily

Whenever you peek

To remind you of their presence

Always with you

No matter where you go or

How far from home

Your travels take you

Your pockets overflow

With their effervescence

Wisps of comet-light

Swirling around and behind you

A fiery

Spirit essence

As you move through this


Dropping sparks as you go

Energy seeds left behind

Cosmic breadcrumbs

Picked up and nurtured

By the curious

Adventurous and creative ones

Before whose feet

The sparkles fell

We are inspiration

By our very presence

Our thoughts our words

Our actions

We are the glow


Behind the pockets.

Gail Fulkerson

21 September 2016



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